Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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 Birthmark is a captivating short story that connects
people together on a similar level. Miranda July writes about a woman who gets a huge birthmark removed after living with it all her life. She feels a sense of loss after a couple of days without the mark until one day, it magicaly reappears again.

The narrator regrets the decision to remove her birthmark because it's something she was born with and has had all her life and losing it makes her feel a loss without it. "And she felt a real sense of loss. Even though she knew that she had never had an accent. It was just the birthmark, which in its density had lent color to even her voice" (July 3). The stain represents individuality to others and so when her friend saw her without the birthmark, she even thought that something was missing and tried to point out maybe something else unique that they might have noticed. "He had only seen it for a moment but he was already used to it. It was good. It somehow allowed them to have more. They could have a child now, he thought" (July 8).  Her husband starts believeing that she believes that she finally wants to have a child because she's finally made a breakthrough and before she got her birthmark back she knew she was missing something.

Happiness is usually connected to our physical appearance and materialistic objects. Once we get rid of something we have had our whole life, you then feel like apart of you is lost. We take the smallest things in life for granted, and once we lose it, we then notice the lack of what made us who we are. Our Identity.

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