Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The City of Ember (Alternate Ending)...

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¨Citizens of Ember shall be assigned work at twelve years of age…¨

Lina Mayfleet desperately wants to be a messenger--but draws pipeworks. Doon Harrow draws messenger-- but wants to be working underground. That is where the generator is, and Doon has ideas about how to fix it. For as long as anyone can remember, the great lights of Ember have kept the endless darkness at bay. But now the lights are beginning to flicker…

Let's rewind: Lina, Doon, and Poppy escape Ember and as the kids emerge into the world above, they see the moon and stars, and witness their first sunrise (which is totally amazerrific). They realize that they've come from this world, and were meant to return to it. But Lina´s disappointed because they don't find the city she's been dreaming of, but rather a big landscape full of nature. And the kids now realize that they escaped Ember without telling anyone else about the details of the escape route, so that's just another bummer added to the list. Things haven't gone quite as they expected.
But because they manage to get the message to Mrs. Murdo, there is in fact still hope. If someone like one of the mayor's guards got the message, we would have thrown up our hands, because they wouldn't do anything with the message. But Mrs. Murdo is trustworthy, responsible and caring. If anyones gonna read the message and actually implement it, we'd trust her to do it (though Clary is a close second).

So the conclusion of The City of Ember is a little open-ended, because we don't know exactly what will happen next. But we're hoping that Mrs. Murdo manages to lead everyone out of Ember to safety. Or at least to a place that isn't falling apart.

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