Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Is The ¨Best Version of Yourself¨ ?

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Sometimes we don’t stop to think about the needs and desires of our individual selves, sometimes we don’t have the courage to live out our lives in a certain way and sometimes the influence of others is just too strong to let our individuality shine through. Therefore, we don’t always act like the individuals we are. We don’t always direct our lives as responsibly as we could. By not doing so, we don’t really honor the completely unique life each of us has been given. When people get together, we have a natural tendency to conform how we behave, what we believe, etc. to the behaviors, beliefs of others. This just overruns our own individuality. But strangely, the idea of becoming the “perfect version” of ourselves seems so unobtainable.  It seems impossible. When we drift along, we’re not really making choices for ourselves. We may not have even chosen to drift along, because that’s mostly an unconscious process. However, when we start making choices for ourselves, we have the opportunity to stop going along with “what one does.”  When we decide to stop drifting and to start controlling, we experience opportunities to make personal choices that direct the way we will project ourselves into our futures – actively, and thoughtfully. It can be scary to start controlling oneself because of the responsibilities. However, just think about how different life is when we do so. Our values are meaningful and our beliefs and views are way more genuine. Life gets harder, but rewarding, if you approach it with authenticity to be honest. When we do this, only then we are simply just being true to ourselves (:

"To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are."- Roy T. Bennett

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