Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who am I?

I am a curious person
I wonder how I arrived in this world
I see tall people looking down at me all the time
I see my mom placing food on the table
I want to comprehend where I came from
I am a curious person

I pretend that the stares of other people aren't distracting
I feel my stomach pinching at me because of the butterflies that are trapped in there
I try to find hope in my life 
I find a spark of light
I didn't find any relief in this hope because it wasn't true
I am a curious person

I understand I may never understand this world
I say it must be a very ugly sight
I dream of how magnificent this world could be 
I try to keep my spirits up
I hope I will find out soon
I am a curious person

By: Alejandra Silva

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