Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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When you meet someone, what do you notice first? Do you see the color of their eyes, skin, personality, or the way they look? When someone looks at me, I bet what they always see is my skin color and facial features. They always go by stereotypes and think I am white, when in fact I am Mexican. It hurts me when people do this even though they know that I am Mexican and it is kind of like disrespecting my culture. If it is their first time meeting me I get it, but if they do it just to mess with me then it isn't funny to me. For other people, when they see an African American person, they might assume they come from a poor background and have don´t have a loving family. Although, there are a lot of African-American people who do come from a good family and a comforting hometown. In addition, most people think whites are all rich and have good grades and have the best life, well in fact, most struggle with the same things other races do. This conception of race to where a life style fits to one race is so annoying to me because your life isn´t determined whether you have chinky eyes, dark skin, or frizzy hair, that you have a good life or not. You are your own person and no one should tell you to do what they say just because you look one type of way.

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