Friday, October 21, 2016

Just a Thought...

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What can we even gain with money? Money is just an amount, a measurement, a currency that the United States has put on this piece of paper. The only reason we put a lot of value on it is because of the human mentality that if we have more money than the other person we must have more value on our own life. It makes people feel poor in which they don't have enough money to live with, that they need more of it to be satisfied with themselves.
Time. Time, as people would say, is the only true unit  measurement. In comparison with inches, feet, ounces, and yadayadayada... I don't really know how to explain it. I guess, without time, WE DON'T EXIST because it basically gives proof to our existence. Our life is based on time, and during our life we realize that we can't distort time to our own advantage and we can only live it to the most of our extent. I guess no one in my class agrees or understands, but we just had a discussion of whether money is more important than time and my peers kept saying that money is more important to be successful and you 'NEED' it to live. I get how they say that about money, because of the society we live in today makes it a necessity to have it by putting money on everything such as health insurance, food, water, a home ect. Living in the moment is way more important than worrying about how much money you have. You see, we don't have all the time in the world (;
So the question is... more time or more money? I believe that the choice of time is more suitable for the future mindsets when we are old women and men thinking back on how we should have lived our life to the fullest instead of being so materialistic about a piece of paper.

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