Friday, September 16, 2016

A Defining Educational Experience

Significant Experience
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I have learned so many things from participating in the JROTC program. It has changed my entire outlook and attitude towards life. Before I started my freshman year at high school I was very shy, had a low self-esteem, and didn't take on difficult challenges. The JROTC program has modified these qualities. The first day of high school, I was a very lost and unsure of my classes. Although, when I got to my JROTC class, there were people standing outside the door welcoming in the new cadets and many higher level cadets helping us find our way around the class system. Throughout the year it was the same way with helping out the LET 1's. As I grew my social skills and communicating with other classmates, I decided that I should get involved with clubs and teams. That is when I got the interest of joining my school's Unarmed Drill Team. Then I started taking on difficult challenges like building camaraderie with my Drill Team teammates. Drill Team has definitely improved my confidence with things I am unsure of. I have made so many friends through Drill Team and we have bonded so much that we are like family now. In addition, because of my improved confidence, I joined my Class skit and became the treasurer for the Class of 2019. Overall, by joining JROTC, it made me think that I am capable of so much more than I thought.

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