Monday, August 29, 2016

TED Talk with Lisa Nip

TED Talk
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     Recently, I watched a TED Talk about how humans could evolve to survive in space. The speaker, Lisa Nip, discusses the idea that states the hopes to harness special powers from microbes on Earth. This means that they come with the ability to withstand radiation and to make humans more fit for exploring space. Lisa Nip says, "Humans were evolved uniquely for Earth, on Earth, and by Earth".  Which shows that humans have evolved a lot since their time on Earth and become content with the way they live. Therefore, complaint to realize that our resources have limited time before they run out.
     Lisa is describing how we could be able to survive in a different climate like in Mars, by using synthetic biology. For example, Nip states, "Synthetic biology will be a means to engineer not only our food, fuel, and environment but also ourselves to compensate for our physical inadequacies and to ensure our survival in space". What I find interesting about this video is how we even have some sort of example that proves a hope to be able to live in other climates and it shows how far we have come in science. Lisa Nip puts forth the idea that what if soil in Mars could support plant growth without using Earth derived nutrients. This means that they would have to get anti-drought tolerant genes from other plants and the anti-freeze in fish to stitch in plants GMO's. She says her research says that the best way to ensure food supply and air that we need, is to bring organisms that have been engineered to adapt to new & harsh environments using this to help terraform a plant.

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